Admin Area

Adding Members TO System through Calnet

Correction to Header Text - Faculty Bio Area

  1. (Currently this works just with correcting the first_name filed.)
  2. Go to Channel Fields (may have to hide custom menu and go to Admin > Channels > Channel Fields) 
  3. Click People
  4. Edit the field "First Name"
  5. Switch the Default Text Formatting pulldown from "None" to "Auto <br />" (don't select the change all checkbox). Update to save.
  6. Go back in to the field settings again and switch the Default Text Formatting pulldown back to "None" (and now DO select the change all checkbox). Update to save.
  7. Repeat for "Middle Name" and "Last name" fields if needed. It's crazy, but it works. I just did it to make sure I was telling you the right thing, so Lars Lerup is displaying okay now, but file this away for next time I guess.

Clearing the Cache -- Administrative Level

To manually clear EE's cache if pages are not showing as updated:

  • Hide Custom Menu
  • Leave selection on "All caches"
  • Click Submit

Clearing a Float

<p> <p.clear clear:="" p=""> </p>

Addition of Google Analytics Accounts

Page Recovery

  • In the main nav you have to click the "Hide custom nav" option...
  • Go to Content > Edit to get to the EE default entries view where you can search and see statuses, etc.manual

manual Import of events from Mini Sites

To Manually Trigger Import/Updates:

  1. (Hide Custom Menu) and go to "Add-ons > Modules".
  2. Click the "Importer" module name.
  3. You'll see a line each for the CED Minisites and the IURD Minisites: Click "Run" for the one you want to run
  4. After it runs you'll see a summary screen of stats from the import. All done!

Logging In As Another User

  • Logged in as a SuperAdmin, go to the user's profile channel entry - Members > Profile Entries.
  • In their entry you'll see a "Login as Member: link in the top right.
  • EE will make you enter YOUR Password to confirm your a SuperAdmin.
  • You'll be redirected to the website and logged in as that user.
  • Either click "Login" in the footer (or go to
  • I like to do that in an incognito window so it doesn't mess with your current login. But if you get messed up click "Logout" in the profile area to clear your session.

Turn On Ph.D. Templates

To Turn on a Ph.D. Template -  your need to turn on three settings in the master template (by department)

  1. Check the Role, Department & Student Category in the publish page.
  2. Under the Structure Tab,  make sure the template selected is "Flexible/students" (Not "students_landing" or "students_detail".)
  3. Page url title must be “phd-students” to bypass template urls.

PhD Checklist

Turning on Revisions in Channels

The revision tab will only appear if you have Entry Versioning enabled in the particular channel’s preferences at Admin ‣ Channel Administration ‣ Channels.

When Entry Versioning is enabled, every time you save changes to your entries they will be saved so you can go back in time and retrieve older versions of your entries. The Revisions Tab will show a list of all revisions for the entry being edited.

When a previous revision is selected it will be loaded into the Publish page form so you can view or further edit it. If you save your changes, a new revision will be created rather than updating the previous revision. In other words, every time you click the save button a new revision is stored.

Sharing Analytic Reports

SPA Account Management

Reset Wordpress Password via PHPMyadmin

Block Servers in HESK

You can prevent an email address (or an entire email domain) from creating tickets by banning it: Admin panel > Tools > Ban emails

For example if you add to the banned emails list, any emails from will be ignored by Hesk.