Course Descriptions


The course description pages are built at the time Tele-BEARS becomes active for the next semester. Pages are built using the courses list posted on the UC Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes and the course descriptions in the General Catalog. Because the schedule is in flux until the beginning of the semester, the CED course description pages must usually be manually updated several times prior to the beginning of the semester to reflect instructor changes and course cancellations/additions. Updates are made by eyeball-comparing the CED course pages with the Online Schedule of Classes.

Adding Extended Course Descriptions

Instructors provide their semester-specific course descriptions in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word documents and PDF documents. Copy these descriptions out of the documents and either (1) paste them into NotePad or TextEdit to strip out the formatting code, or (2) paste them into the website text editor using one of the two special-paste-option editor icons. WARNING: Do not paste text into the website text editor directly from the source document; you will paste with it all the source-document's formatting code (which must then be painstakingly removed!).

Course-Description Formatting Styles and Code:
[Heading Level 3] ARCH/CY PLAN/ENV DES/LD ARCH/VIS STD Course Number (Instructor 1/Instructor 2)
[Heading Level 4] General Catalog Course Title: Semester-Specific Course Title

Course description from UC Berkeley General Catalog. If the instructor does not provide an extended course description, this will be the only description of the course listed on the website.

[Heading Level 5] Extended Course Description

This is where the instructor's semester-specific description of the course appears. This should be the overview description. Omit registration procedures, course schedule, grading specifics, and other information that might change as the semester proceeds. We want only the non-changing course information.

[Heading Level 6]Subheadings in the Extended Course Description

Apply the Heading 6 style to any main headings within the extended course description. Bold and italics may be used for heading levels below this.