Faculty Addition / Deletion

Learn how to

To add a new staff or faculty member to the site

First log into the ced.berkeley.edu website.

Then select "Profile Entries" under the "Members" drop down menu.

Click "Create New In People" to add a new user

STEP 1. Filling out their profile

  • For most additions, select member category "people". This gives that person access to only edit his/her own profile. If you would like to grant higher level acccess, please talk to the CED webmaster.
  • Under email, enter their Berkeley email, if known.
  • Screen Name should be the member's first and last name 
  • Username should be the letters "uid" all lowercase, followed by their University ID. To look up their uid, please visit the UC Berkeley directory and copy and paste the member's UID number. It should look like "uid123456"
  • Leave password fields blank. Users can authenticate hrough Cal Net to update their own profiles. (To log in, users should visit our log in page)
  • If a faculty or staff member is not in the UC Berkeley directory yet, leave the username field blank. You will need to fill out their profile for them since they can't authenticate through CalNet.

STEP 2. Change the faculty or staff url

  • The default url is "visitor-temp"
  • You will need to change this url to suit the member's first and last name.
  • Click on the "Structure" tab
  • In the "Structure Listing URL" field, enter the member's name: "firstname-lastname"
  • Return to the "Publish" tab to ensure all the faculty or staff information is correct before saving
  • It can sometimes take a few minutes for our website to sync the uid with CalNet, so if you see red warning text, wait a minute to proceed

Editing faculty pages (for admins)

Only "Manager" level administrators are able to edit staff, faculty or adjuncts.

First log into the ced.berkeley.edu website.

Then select "Profile Entries" under the "Members" drop down menu.

Use the search bar to look up faculty or staff profiles.

Click on their hyperlinked profile name OR on the pencil icon to edit their profile.



To remove a faculty or adjunt for a limited time

If you would like to hide a lectuer's profile from the faculty/staff listing, while retaining their information for future use, please select "none" next to their role when editing their profile.

Under "Role" Select "NONE". This will remove the faculty member or adjunct while preserving their profile if they teach again.