News Entry


News stories on the CED website are displayed in a number of ways and places:

  1. As news-summary feeds on the CED home page and Department home pages
  2. As full news stories under Events + Media on the CED website
  3. As news summaries in CED e-News
  4. As syndicated items on secondary pages on the CED website

Space is limited in news stories so:

  1. Be concise yet information-rich when crafting story headlines.
  2. In the News Content, offer as many of the "Five Ws" as possible (who, what, when, where, why)
  3. Provide available links to websites that offer readers additional information about the story or subject.


Navigate to the News Entry area in the CED Web Editor

  1. For a new story click Add
  2. To edit a current story click Edit

The News Entry Page will open up - You will be in the "publish" tab



  1. Open - The article will appear on the website in both the news feeds and as an article
  2. Closed - The article is available for editing and viewing but does not show up in the news feed or as an open entry
  3. Featured - The article will appear in all news channels listed for "open"  and can also be syndiated (see below for details.) 

TITLE/URL TITLE: Short Form title of the news article - this will also auto create the URL title in the filed below. Do NOT alter the URL title

CATEGORIES: Choose the category the news article falls under. This also determines the news article's "color." Yellow is for CED; Red is fro Architecture; Green is for CIty and Regional Planning; Blue is for Landscape Archtiecture.


  1. Entry Excerpt: The is a text summary about the news article. Will show up when you syndicate the article to home and secondary pages.
  2. Entry Image: This image will show up when you syndicate the article to home and secondary pages. It will also 


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