UC Berkeley SPA Account Procedure

SETTING UP A Special Purpose EMAIL Account  (formerly Departmental Email account)

Setting up and adding a SPA account to an individual's GMAIL account is a 3 part process:

  1. These accounts can only be setup by faculty and staff. Students cannot initially set these up but they can be added as account members.  See instructions on how to setup here.
  2. Once the account is setup, the administrator needs to delegate access to the users who will need access to the account:  https://calnetweb.berkeley.edu/calnet-departments/special-purpose-accounts-spa/managing-spa-affiliated-departmental-bmail-account-0
  3. After the account has been delegated, the account user can add the email into their Gmail account. See instructions below.

Adding SPA Account to Google Email ACCOUNT

After an individual has been added to a SPA account, and been put into the delegation list, they can add the email address into their GMAIL. In the drop down/top right corner click on the add account button and type in SPA email address.

Spa Account Addition -- Gmail

Photo: Mary Kyle Cocoma